sábado, 31 de marzo de 2007

Opening Up Shop; Closing Down House


The spring has come and the earth is changing. Here in the desert, our city is covered in beautiful flowers cultivated by the over 1-million people that are taming this former wasteland. Fragrances emanate God has put green dresses on the trees once again and it looks like we live in a new city.

The spring has brought changes for Leslie and me as well. In preparation for our move to Taiwan, Leslie and I opened our apartment last night like a little store, and we began selling everything we own. Many things are now gone, and we feel a little less like genuine desert dwellers.

We still have quite a few things for sell, just take a look at the pictures. Be sure you let us know now if anything interests you.

martes, 27 de marzo de 2007

New Blog, New Home

Hello Friends and Family,

Welcome to the new homepage for Brian and Leslie. New adventures are beginning for us as a married couple. We leave for Taiwan just before the summer begins, and we are super excited. We were invited to teach in a language institute in a suburb of Taipei (pronounces locally "Taibei"), and we have accepted the offer.

The greatest part of the offer is that they have offered to give classes to both of us. Leslie will be teaching Spanish classes, and I'll be instructing the lingua franca of the alma mater. My wife is a much more skillful teacher and communicator than I am , and I look forward to getting to share the workplace with her and learn from her wealth of experience.

Taibei is a super crowded metropolitan area with about six million inhabitants scrunched into a small area.