sábado, 31 de marzo de 2007

Opening Up Shop; Closing Down House


The spring has come and the earth is changing. Here in the desert, our city is covered in beautiful flowers cultivated by the over 1-million people that are taming this former wasteland. Fragrances emanate God has put green dresses on the trees once again and it looks like we live in a new city.

The spring has brought changes for Leslie and me as well. In preparation for our move to Taiwan, Leslie and I opened our apartment last night like a little store, and we began selling everything we own. Many things are now gone, and we feel a little less like genuine desert dwellers.

We still have quite a few things for sell, just take a look at the pictures. Be sure you let us know now if anything interests you.

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Curtis dijo...

Taiwan! Wow that is really exciting Brian. I just got around to noticing your blog change, since I get all my blogs through RSS feeds.

Caroline and I are married now, we had a great wedding and a lovely honeymoon in San Antonio.

God bless you, looking forward to seeing posts about Taiwan.

Joel dijo...

hey! update your blog already! We want the first Taiwan post! =)

Your demanding audience in China

Joel dijo...

ha, i got your rss feed for your videos and photos. now i know every time you upload new content.

those photos from the roof make me dizzy. what an urban jungle, eh?